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During the promotional time, non-churchwide events are eligible for ONE Sunday Morning Verbal


DUE DATES: Important Reminder!  In our effort to ensure effective and excellent communication please adhere to the following due dates for submitting your event details:

2018 - For All Events Scheduled in . . . 
Quarter 3 (July - Sept) Details due May 31st, 2018
Quarter 4 (Oct - Dec ) Details due June 30th, 2018
2019 - For All Events Scheduled in . . . 
Quarter 1 (Jan - March) Details due Sept. 30, 2018
Quarter 2 (April - June) Details due Dec 31, 2018
Quarter 3 (July - Sept) Details due March 31, 2019
Quarter 4 (Oct - Dec) Details due June 30, 2019
Please note: Due to the volume of promotional material needed -  missing the above deadlines may result in some or all of your media requests not being fulfilled in a timely manner.